Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Navy Blue Empire Dresser and Industrial Rustic Tables

I've got a two part post for you all this morning.

1. Blue empire chest of drawers 
2. A pair of handcrafted rustic industrial side tables


Empire Chest of Drawers

Holy cow, everything that could go wrong with a project, went wrong with this dresser!! Sorta like a bad Monday! Haha! Soon after I started the repair work, I was already wishing I would have never started...

I removed the drawers and hardware 
and started gluing, clamping, filling, sanding....Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

After several days of repair, this guy was as sturdy and structurally sound as he was when he was new. And at last, I was to a point that I could start painting. Halleluiah!

I mixed a custom navy blue concoction and sealed it with dark wax. I replaced the mismatched wooden knobs with new cream colored ceramic ones. They really pop off that dark navy and give it a fresh modern feel.

Those two top drawers with their curvy shape...and the old keyholes with all their tarnished patina. {heart throb}

I walked away from this dresser more then a few times before actually wrapping it up.
{glad I'm too stubborn to give up} To say that I'm thrilled with the final product would be an understatement. I'm definitely smitten by this handsome devil!

Industrial Rustic Side Tables 

Then there were these two fantastic industrial rustic tables.

Reclaimed wood on the top and the bottom shelf complete with the added character of the nail holes and patina. We've cleaned, sanded and sealed the wood for a beautiful finish.  

These boards are just stunning, really some of my favorite reclaimed wood that we've come across. The warmth of the boards is just amazing. I've seen a lot of reclaimed looking tables in the stores and there is no comparing the wood on those tables to these. Something about the authenticity of the real deal that reproductions simply can't match.

The custom frames are welded to perfection and sealed with clear coat to prevent rusting.
{we mount rubber feet to the bottoms of all our tables to help prevent any scratches to your floors}

I have visions of someone pushing these guys together and using them as a big coffee table or book ending their sofa. We are just finishing a matching coffee table that I will be posting in a few's big and equally as beautiful as these side tables.

That's all I have for you this morning, but I'll leave you with one very valuable piece of information...just looking at my calendar and it says it's national 'drink wine' day today...well, you don't say!



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  1. What a beautifully handsome chest of drawers! I love empire style! You did a lovely job on it indeed! If you are interested in joining in one more party each week I host Making Broken Beautiful every Thursday thru Sunday and would be happy to host you. You do lovely work! I hope you have a great week!
    Making Broken Beautiful

    1. Thanks for the comment Terry! I will swing by your party on Thursday!

  2. I am loving that dresser! It's so pretty and the shape is great! I'd love to invite you to stop by the Inspiration Thursday link party on my blog and share some of your awesome projects. I hope to see you there!

    1. Thanks Lela! I will hop over to your party now!

  3. love the dark blue of the dresser. just stunning.

  4. Empire style and navy go together so well! And the white knobs really compliment it. Gorgeous piece! Thanks for sharing at Friday's Furniture Fix!

  5. Beautiful makeover. Love the shape of this chest and the color is perfect. Thanks for linking to Friday's Furniture Fix. We love having you!!! Susie at The Chelsea Project blog

  6. I am so drawn to the Empire style. The make over you did is wonderful.