Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reclaimed Sheriff Table {third in a series}

Last fall we started creating a series of tables featuring some historical reclaimed lumber. You can read about the history of the boards on my post from last September.

This is the third table in the series...

We custom design and fabricate the welded metal bases on each table so no two tables are alike. For this particular piece, we designed the base so that you could slide baskets underneath. {great for blanket, pillow, book and magazine storage}

The tongue and groove, beaded lumber is always different so clearly each piece is unique for that reason alone. 

We choose to set the boards inside the steel frame for a more modern industrial look.

The boards we selected for this table barely had any paint left on them so we opted to strip them and seal the natural wood. {I'm including some shop photos} As you can see, the boards cleaned up beautifully and the grain is nothing short of gorgeous.

We gave the boards a light sanding to smooth out any rough spots and then applied several coats of poly to seal them all around.

Here are a few more pictures of the handcrafted piece. You know, as I look at the finished product, this would make a fantastic bench for and entry too...lots of room underneath for baskets of hats, scarves, mittens and backpacks!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vintage Stanley Buffet

An early Sunday morning jaunt resulted in this vintage buffet rescue.

The bones on this guy were in great condition, just years of wear showing on the outside.

I painted the body in French Linen and aged it with a clear and dark wax combo. After cleaning up the top {which was covered in scratches}, I gave it a fresh coat of stain {I custom mix my stain to get the desired color}. The wood grain is just stunning now that you an actually see it! And with three coats of poly, it's ready for years of use!

 The original hardware was throwing me for a loop and I couldn't decide if I should change it out or not. But once I saw it all complete I really really like how the brass pops off the grey.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Duck Egg Buffet Refresh

You would never believe how filthy this buffet was when I got it. Layers upon layers of yuck! I spent quite a bit of time cleaning{see my TIP below on how to clean hardware}, stripping and reinforcing everything.


I have done so many dark colored buffets lately that I knew I wanted a lighter color, but not white or cream. Duck Egg seems to be one of my favorite Annie Sloan colors right now so I decided to give it a try. I think the soft blue, dark wax and warm brown stain compliment the piece really well.

Below are some more pictures and a tip on how to clean old dirty hardware.

{not sure exactly where I ever learned this process but highly likely it came from Pinterest}
Place your old hardware in a saucepan with 2c of hot water, 1/4c of vinegar and 1tsp of salt. Bring to a rolling boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer for 20 minutes. You will be shocked at how much grime comes off. Carefully drain the water off and lightly scrub the hardware with some dish soap and a sponge. Viola!

 Happy Groundhog Day!

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