Friday, May 30, 2014

Buttery Yellow Spoon Carved Dresser {Arles}

The grass is green.
Trees are leafed out.
Lilacs are blooming.
Summer is in full swing and we know what that means...'s garage, auction and estate sale season!

And that is where the story begins for my latest makeover. There was no passing up this cute spoon carved matter how much work it was going to take to make it functional again, it deserved to be brought back to life. It's an absolutely amazing dresser, dating back to the late 1800s. How do I know that? A sure sign is that the drawers have Knapp Joints and that type of construction was only used between 1870 and IT IS OLD! {a little factoid for today}

I knew almost immediately that I would paint this beauty a soft buttery yellow with some white highlights to give the flowers the attention they deserve. It turned out better then I ever expected! I think this is one of my new favorite makeovers.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vintage Lane Cedar Trunk {Brown, Grey, Greige}

Just because a piece looks dated doesn't mean you need to get rid of it. Case in point, this Lane cedar trunk. There was really nothing structurally wrong with this trunk when I got it. But the black vinyl upholstered seat was hideous and the gold swivel wheels didn't add anything to the piece and actually were so small that the trunk sat too low for my liking.

I got out the paint, picked up a new fabric and ordered some chunky solid wood feet. Nothing about this trunk is hideous now---in fact I think it's classier then ever!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Vintage Tables {Graphite Nightstand + Duck Egg Side Table}

Seems like I've been working on so many large pieces lately so it was nice to work on these darling little side tables. Both are very different in style; both were very very dated in appearance. With some cute character and solid bones, these tables just needed a facelift to give them a new beginning.

The nightstand seemed like it could handle a nice rich color, so I painted it Graphite and antiqued it with dark wax. The side table on the other hand, had great lines that just seemed like it desired a bit softer, more subtle Duck Egg it would be!

Every day is a chance to begin again --Catherine Pulsifer

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Secretary, Side Table and Plant Stands – Oh My!

Where did the weekend go? One minute it was Friday and now we are back to Monday again! I say this every week...I just need one more day between Sunday and Monday!

I do feel like I got a ton done this weekend despite the fact that it's already Monday:) I completed this darling secretary, an adorable scalloped side table and two nice plant stands and several other things.

 The secretary is finished in Antibes and the other tables are Old White. I really like how the secretary turned out, the dark stain compliments the green so well. They are a fun, fresh looking foursome don't you think!

Happy Monday-make it a great week!

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Secretary before
{Greta was even interested in checking it out}

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flower Container Inspiration

I'm planning to finally get all my pots planted this weekend! It's been unseasonally cold in my neck of the woods so I'm a bit behind from past years.

I pulled some inspirational posts from DIY Network, Pinterest and also some containers I planted last year to get me motivated! You'll see everything from garbage cans to wash tubs, tool boxes to chicken feeders. The options are endless!

Enjoy + Happy Planting!

I love this idea, how easy would it be to move the containers with those awesome casters!

I really love the wheelbarrow and the tool box.

This log is amazing! I wish I had that in my yard:)

I plant a lot of the wash tubs and galvanized buckets too, they make great containers.

Planting boxes are probably one of my favorite things, you can always find boxes at garage sales, thrift shops etc. They are a really inexpensive container option.

Here are a few of my plantings from last spring, I plan on planting these same containers and a whole lot more. The most challenging part for me is selecting the color pallet--I'm thinking reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bluesy Music Cabinet

I stumbled upon this little music cabinet a couple weeks ago on Craigslist. I thought it was so cute and such a great size that I scheduled time to head over and take a look that very day.

{I don't know if you do much business on Craigslist, but if you aren't able to pick up an item almost immediately, it's gonna be gone--you gotta move fast--it's crazy that way}

As the story goes with some of the pieces I get, this one had more damage then was disclosed on the ad...but I just really loved the size and the cute legs...and I already drove all the way to take a let's load it up and I'll figure out a way to make it adorable despite the additional work it needed.

I could have went a ton of directions on the color but I thought Aubusson would be sweet on this piece. I gave it a couple coats, a light distressing and some clear wax. I also added a magnetic latch and a small glass knob to make it function a bit easier now.

It's done and it looks better then ever with it's new bluesy finish!


Music cabinet before

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Antique Dresser Refresh {Old Ochre}

I had some girlfriends over this weekend and we had more fun in 48 hours then most people have in months! Nothing refuels your soul more then good laughs with great friends. Even though we were up until the wee hours laughing and reminiscing, I was up way earlier then them in the morning! Ugh! Why is it that I just can't sleep in on the weekends? I'm pretty sure it's because once I start on a project I just can't stop thinking about it until it's finished. Enough of a sidetrack...

Well the upside to my weekend insomnia...I was able to finish this nice dresser while my friends were getting some beauty sleep. This cutie is finished in ASCP Old Ochre. I decided to just lightly sand and distress the entire piece and seal it with clear wax. I thought about adding some dark wax too but I really liked the fresh look it had as it was. Viola!

In addition to painting furniture, I make a ton of hand painted signs. This particular one is an old chippy door panel that I hand painted with one of my favorite sayings--super fun in a kitchen or family room.

Thanks for stopping by today! And don't forget to laugh, it's good for the SOUL!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Creamy, Dreamy Desk Makeover

I just rescued this classic desk earlier this week. What's not to love about it?? It is solid wood, the drawers function like new, all the hardware was's a beautiful piece. The problem...someone had stained it so dark and covered it with so much varnish that you couldn't even see the wood grain.

It was suffocating under all those layers of yuck. Time for a makeover!

My inspiration came from a similar desk I saw on Pinterest a few months back. Someone had done their desk in a two tone, blue and cream body with a really dark stained top. I loved the look that I thought I would try something along that line. I opted to go with something a bit more neutral, ASCP Country Grey and Old White. The Country Grey is really a warm cream and it looks amazing with the Old White and the rich chocolate stained top.

Happy May Day!

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