Monday, January 25, 2016

Custom Fabricated Live Edge Table

Industrial style has always been a favorite of mine...long, long before it became so incredibly popular.

I had metal street signs incorporated into our decor {that may or may not have been stolen---what? I didn't steal them but someone must have...}, a salvaged metal bread rack in the dining room {I say with pride that I cherry picked that gem out of a dumpster}, and a wickedly cool live edge coffee table that I picked up at the estate sale of my mom's good friend. These are just a few of the cool things that I had in my repertoire as I waffled between primitive industrial, rustic industrial, farmhouse industrial and now a more modern industrial style. In my opinion, if paired with the right elements, industrial can work in any home.

Now that industrial is gaining in popularity {thanks in part to the shows on HGTV and Pinterest}, I'm actually able to create fantastic industrial decor that is 'on trend' and share it with you all! 

Our latest design is a 6 foot, live edge butternut sofa/entry table. It all started when Paul found an amazing live edge slab on one of our junk missions last summer. Once we got it home, I gave my two cents on the design and from there, it was all Paul. He sketched it up, dialed in the dimensions and got to work on the fabrication.

Here are some during pictures of the wood and metal structure. I deliberated on the finish for the wood for too long so I threw the question out to my Facebook family and asked for their input...the response was unanimous...seal the wood with a clear coat and leave it natural.
Brilliant call people! Brilliant!

I'm thrilled with how the warmth of the wood compliments the metal frame...pure bliss in my mind!

 Paul repurposed this awesome mesh to create a sleek shelf. I love the modern flair it gives the table.

 How about the character of that live edge slab! Knots, saw marks, and even what appears to be a bullet lodged into the wood.

Photos. Don't. Do. It. Justice.

Thanks for taking a look at the latest UP project. Remember, we do custom fabrication too! If you have something that you want help creating, just shoot us a message.

Have a great week!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Petite Buffet Makeover {French Linen}

Full speed into the week ahead and just really wanted to share this little buffet that I made over this past weekend.

When I picked this girl up, I fell immediately in love with the simplicity of the piece and the nice clean lines. Not to mention that it is only 4' long...I never find them this size!

But once I got home with my new treasure, it was easy to see that it had been through many repairs and refreshes in it's life...none of which appeared to have been executed with much care.

So we glued, clamped and scrapped away the damaged veneer.

I tossed the dated hardware and sought out something with more flair.

A couple coats of Annie Sloan French Linen with liberal sanding between coats and this little buffet was starting to look so darn cute.

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Here are some photos of the finished piece. 

Love the new hardware, so fitting for this piece!

Oh and these little candles sticks are repurposed table legs; washed with graphite and dark wax.

Once again, thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

Friday, January 15, 2016

We Do Custom Orders! Reclaimed. Repurposed. Upcycled.

It's been over three years that Urban Patina has been officially in business. The time has flown by, sometimes much much faster then we would have liked. But along the way, we have grown and changed and evolved a ton. It's been a great ride so far, I love where we've been and am so excited about where we are going!

My blog post today is a reminder that we offer so many is a breakdown of sorts.

We modernize solid wood furniture so that it looks up to date and on trend for current lifestyles. We have an inventory of pieces and are always picking up more. If you are looking for something in particular, shoot us a message and we can check our current inventory or start searching for the perfect piece for you.

{custom fabrication}
We create custom industrial pieces for your home or business too. We can use your reclaimed lumber to complete a project so that you can have the history of your family farm to use in your home for years to come or we have a stash of reclaimed lumber in stock to pull from.

We create a wide variety of home decor too. Throughout the year we show our wares at local pop up sales and by appt out of our home studio. 
Clocks, custom signs(hand painted and industrial), candle sticks, wall hangings etc.

We spend an immense amount of time making sure every piece is completed with a high level of quality and craftsmanship. Every Urban Patina product is handcrafted to look great and last for a very long time!

Contact us if you have a project you want our help on!

Paul and Crystal

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mocha Dresser Set {Custom ASCP Color Mix}

I've been meaning to try and create a nice rich chocolate brown concoction for sometime now. So when I found this really nice dresser set, with the clean lines that I really wanted, I thought it would be the perfect subject to get to work on!

The inspiration for the color comes from all the dark antique coffee {driftwood-esque} styles that I see at some of the big retailers these days.

The awesome thing about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that it mixes really well together, enabling you to create an entirely new pallet of colors. I landed on a mix of Olive, Primer Red and Graphite. {here is the mix ratio}

As usually, I removed the hardware and got to work. I painted the base with the custom mocha color, then I waxed it with straight dark wax, immediately followed by a wash of Coco. After wiping back the Coco, I let both pieces dry overnight. {this is what it looked like at this point}

The next morning, I sanded it back just a bit to expose more of the darker undercoat. Then I proceeded to give it another coat of dark wax. {here it is at this point}

The final step was to find some great new hardware to bring the piece up to date with it's new look. This step can be the most painstaking because I argue with myself about what direction to go. After a bit of searching, I finally decided that some antique brass cup pulls.I think they look fantastic and complete the look I was after!

That's all for today!

Stay warm.