Saturday, December 3, 2016

Not Just One, But Two Nightstands

The holidays are well underway {no shock to any of you I'm sure}, hence my hiatus from posting on the blog for, like, um...two months---eek!

Things have been amazingly busy between Urban Patina projects and the demands of my 'real' job. The days are flying by and not nearly enough hours. Thanks to you all for the continued support of Urban Patina and the handcrafted creation that we make. I receive messages everyday from wonderful followers, inquiring about custom orders, special projects and show schedules. I get your messages, everyone of them and I'm doing my best to respond as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience while I try to balance my time!

Enough of that and on to these nightstands! These beauties were bound to be adorable no matter what color I painted them, but it's the hardware that pushes these girls over the edge.

These will be up for sale very soon, I encourage you to follow UP on Facebook and Instagram for more up to date activities.

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