Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We opened a brick and mortar!

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted...but I have a very good reason. We have been preoccupied prepping and opening our first store! Seriously, a real brick and mortar! It's small, it's quaint, but it's UP and we love everything about it and hope you will too!

Our opening weekend was in March and it was simply fabulous! If you came out to see us, thank you so much and if you weren't able to make it by in March, we will be one again in one week.

Just a quick breakdown on our shop, the location, when we are open and a few other factoids and then I will share a bunch of pictures from last months sale.

We are located at 220 Chestnut St in Chaska, Minnesota. We are an occasional store, open the third weekend of every month: thursday-sunday, 10-4 each day. (I still work a full-time job so for the time being, these are the hours we are able to maintain, but remember, you can always shop our goods at Shop 501 & Company, 5 days a week, every week!)

We are selling primarily our handcrafted goods, but we are also bringing in a few curated products from other amazing Minnesota companies. The first two businesses that we are partnering with are  both women-owned candle makers. The first is Excelsior Candle Company. Heidi makes some fabulous candles in the cutest vessels, modern fragrances and clever names (like downtown loft and spa day). The other candle maker we partnered with is Nelli Designs. If you are an animal lover (like Paul and I) you will just love these candles. The jars feature original illustrations + cute phrases, the scents are sensational and the Nelli brand itself have a beautiful back story. I have a real obsession for candles but not just any kind will do. I want candles that burn clean + evenly and have wonderful natural smelling fragrances, both of these candle brands are all that!

Here are just a few pictures from inside our shop last month...

We have a big 'ol decal on the window now, so we are easy to find. 

If you see this sandwich board out, well then 'heck ya', we're OPEN!

We hope to see you next week for our April sale!
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