Monday, September 29, 2014

Graphite Drexel Buffet UPdate

I painted this lovely Drexel buffet with Graphite {a favorite of mine these days}, distressed it a bit and topped it with a dark and clear wax blend. I thought the original hardware was dreadful when I started, but when I held it up against the dark graphite it was absolutely stunning. I love the contrast of the brass hardware now and the added detail of the brass feet.

This buffet looks so modern and fresh.

 Here is the buffet mid-makeover.
{A nice surprise when you open the center doors and find a hidden drawer}

Here is the buffet pre-makeover.

 With temperatures in the low 80s and plenty of sunshine this weekend, I refused to work in the windowless garage and instead setup shop in the driveway. And what a brilliant idea that was:)

Enjoy the week!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Reclaimed Coffee Table {First in a Series}

Sometimes we run across some junk that is beyond unique and packed with character. When this happens, I usually jump up and down, squeal with excitement and completely annoy my husband with all my elaborate ideas and brainstorming.

Well this find, certainly takes the cake! Let me explain...

My husband was out running errands one afternoon and noticed a old abandoned farm not far from our house. As luck would have it, there was a pickup truck in the driveway, so P pulled in and sparked up a conversation. As it turned out, the gentleman had just sold the property and needed to have a few things removed before the closing. He told my husband to go ahead and look through the old train cars and make him an offer if there was anything we wanted. In one of those train cars was so much historical significance...I was out of my mind with excitement.

You see, back in the 1950s Scott County tore down the original Sheriff's Residence and Jail (which was original constructed in 1882) so that they could build a new jail. The county auctioned off all the wood, doors, fixtures etc to the public. Well, this gentleman's father bought a large amount of that material and had it stored in a train car on this property for all these years.

The Sheriff's Residence and Jail are off to the left in this picture. We have been researching like crazy to find a image of the inside of the buildings, but haven't been successful just yet. We'll keep trying!!

We've been waiting for the right idea to hit us before we did anything with the pieces we salvaged that day. Then it hit us, we could make a series of tables with the floor boards. And since my husband is a pretty good (really quite awesome) metal fabricator, he could craft the table bases in various ways so each creation is one of a kind.

Here' a look at the first one we've created. This one is made from reclaimed, tongue and groove floor boards from the Sheriff's Residence and Jail. All those beautiful layers of white and green chippy paint are sealed with several layers of poly. The frame is 1.5"steel tubing...making for a perfect balance of rustic and industrial. 

Dimensions: 53"l x 24"w x 18"h

 Most certainly a unique, handcrafted conversation starter or statement piece! And the stories that those boards could tell if only they could talk...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Darling Blue Vanity

I imagine that when this vanity was new, some young lady was so excited to have it in her room. Probably all giggles and smiles!

Based on the condition that I found it in, it was USED heavily for a number of years. So, I did what I love to do, I rescued this girl from a dark and dumpy barn with plans to make her grand once again!

From frumpy...

to Fabulous!

I painted this piece in AS Duck Egg, I just love the soft blue color! I also lined the drawers for a little bonus and added charm.

 The mirror easily detaches so you can change up the way you use this girl.

 I updated the knobs with some vintage glass numbers and they match the adorable glass feet!

I used some coordinating fabric to line the drawers for a little special surprise.

 With or without the mirror, this is a super sweet piece.

Want a flower that holds its color for a long time? In Minnesota, the sedum blooms in August and last until the first frost for the most part. It's a hardy little bugger and a great flower for cut arrangements too.

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Table for Four

An early morning Craigslist run, resulted in this find. We were too late to pick up the FREE buffet that had been advertised, but we stumbled upon this gem at a neighboring garage sale.

It wasn't in very good shape with its bad veneer and wobbly base, but it's such a classic style and a super sturdy number that when I looked it over for the third time I knew I just had to have it!

I painted it in old white and then french linen, distressed it thoroughly and then hit it with a dark Kona stain. To ensure it could stand a beating from any busy family, I gave it a couple coats of poly. 

 I like how well it pairs with these mismatched wood chairs.

The finish turned out really great, almost looks concrete. It's not, but it's as heavy as concrete!

 The distressing is really random but intentional.

 Look at that stocky base---and those scrolled feet!

 I picked up this cute pumpkin {and a bunch of other stuff} at TJ Max over my lunch break today. Sometimes I just need some retail therapy to get me through the day. This session only cost me $100! {you all do this too, right?}


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Classy Creamy Dreamy Buffet

Wrapped up this Labor Day weekend with this classy buffet makeover. Structurally this buffet was/is in great shape it just needed a refresh since it was well used over the years.

With it's classic style and lovely lines, I thought Annie Sloan Old Ochre and a  mix of clear and dark wax would be a great combo to highlight all the gorgeous details. I refreshed the top with Minwax Provincial stain and satin poly.

She is looking pretty and is ready for some fall entertaining!

Thanks for stopping by--Happy September!