Friday, August 14, 2015

Reclaimed Grainery Bench

A small, modest, and weathered grainery in Savage, Minnesota.


But not so fast, the wood that was reclaimed from the inside of this little building is jaw dropping.


This grainery building was constructed by a friend's father many years ago. What is extra special here is that the wood used to build the structure was made from lumber that was reclaimed previously from a local homestead.

Our friend entrusted us with some of the reclaimed boards to create a family keepsake. Of course we were honored and excited to get started.

When we were cleaning the boards, the layers of beautiful paint colors were reveled. Blue, red, screams Americana! We also discovered lots of square nails in the boards which leads us to believe this lumber was probably close to 100 years old and quite amazing.

Here is the industrial bench that we created from those boards...

It was truly an honor to be able to create a bench for our friend and know that she is able to keep a piece of her family farm with her for many years to come!


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