Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hepplewhite Style Dresser Set

Couldn't have been happier when I found this set at local second hand store. Seems as though I've been getting many requests for dresser sets lately so I'm always on the look out! A quick cleaning and various repairs to the drawers and I would be on my way with this transformation. {various repairs to the drawers is sort of a lie...we rebuilt most all of them because their previous life was not so kind. But at least they were super clean so with a fair amount of glue, nails and clamps; they are as good as new}

This is a custom color...I created a medium cool grey by mixing Graphite and Paris Grey. The result is this very cool grey with some blue undertones. I love mixing Annie Sloan paints, creating my own color allows me to get the exact shade I'm looking for. 

I very lightly distressed these pieces and then sealed them both with clear wax. 

 All those drawers and all that storage are going to be perfect heading into winter! {room for lots of sweaters}

that sheen + original hardware =  show stoppers!

That's all for this morning, have a great weekend everyone!


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