Sunday, June 19, 2016

Furniture Makeovers Fresh From the Shop: Tables, Dressers, Night Stands and more

I've been getting so many fantastic furniture pieces lately. So many that I had things packed and stacked all the way to the ceiling in our storage building! It was becoming a serious problem. {can you say borderline hoarder...eeek!} But come on, how can I even think of passing up a cute little, never!

So despite the blazing heat we are experiencing this early in June {upper 90s in Minnesota already, come on!}, I grabbed as many pieces as I could safely work simultaneously on, and brought them in the shop and started busting some a##!

While some pieces were clamped and glued, I repaired damaged veneer and removed hardware on others. All the while contemplating the color pallet for each piece and whether or not I would be needing any new hardware. 

With some great music cued up, I eventually found my zen and lost myself for hours...and days on end in the shop!

Here is a gallery of what resulted from my determination.

{special bonus: navy and white dotted Japenese crafted paper line the drawers of this fantastic navy dresser}

Guess what? I finished so many projects that I now have a walkway to get to the back of my storage shed! Hallelujah!

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