Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Clocks, Chest of Drawers and a Classic Desk Set

Man these first couple days after Daylight Savings each spring are so darn hard to adjust to. I'm sure most of it is a mental game I play with myself, but that lost hour throws me way off. It usually takes a good week to get myself adjusted to the change. The silver lining...we've made it through another winter and the days are getting longer! Whew!

Even with one less hour of production time in the studio last weekend, we still managed to get some new clocks, a beautiful chest of drawers and a classy desk/chair set completed. With the nice temps outside, it was really great having the doors open and being able to enjoy the fresh air.

First I'll share one of the new 37" clocks. No stain! Seriously, just clear coat. The color of that wood is outrageous! I love the variations of red, brown and tan. {I've included a progress picture showing the wood pre-sealer so you can appreciate how much the wood came to life with just that satin top coat.}

And then there was this lovely lady, a 5 drawer beauty that is well constructed and functions like new. She was simply in need of a new look to bring her more up to date. The entire piece is finished in Old White and sealed with clear wax. I decided to keep the original hardware but refresh it with some gold gilding. This piece is ready for years of use again!

And last, but certainly not least, this Drexel desk set. Finished in Graphite and dark wax. I refinished the top and left the wood grain shine through. The chair also got an update with new upholstery...a beautiful textured fabric that is far more appropriate for the classy new look.

So there you have it, all the projects that were wrapped up last weekend. {despite that lost hour}

Until next time!

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  1. Beautiful love the Finished in Graphite and dark wax desk! Looks great. Found you through INspiration Monday Link UP. Love your blog.