Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Furniture Project - Wrap Up

I'm trying to motivate myself to start holiday shopping, but it's just not happening. So I'll continue procrastinating and do something more fun like share a few {11 to be exact} of my favorite projects from this past year. Trust me when I say, it's really hard to cull the list down to 11. Honestly, I get pretty attached to some of these projects and could easily become a hoarder if I'm not careful!

Get comfy and enjoy the highlights!

 Flo was purchased by a gal to be converted into a bathroom vanity.

This beauty was the dresser makeover that won me bragging rights when it was selected as the winner of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Challenge.
{and featured in the November/December issue of Fresh Style magazine!}

 This graphite looker is living a fine life with a great family in the south metro!

 Oh Chester, you are such a stud! This fella was really hard to part with...oh that beautiful wood grain!
Surprise! Coordinating fabric covered drawers are a fun surprise on this antique armoire. 

 This soft blue vanity made it's way to the north shore this summer to live, in what I consider, one of the most beautiful areas in Minnesota. Sorta jealous!

We delivered this looker to an equally stunning home in Golden Valley.

Who needs the third drawer anyhow...and the wicker baskets are a nice compliment to the soft blue chalk paint.

 The story behind the wood on this coffee table is so wild, and the hand crafted base just puts this one-of-a-kind table over the top!

Victor. Victor. Victor.
I may have shed a tear when you were loaded up and drove away---what a HUNK!

Simple. Plain. Tall.
One classy lady.


  1. I don't know how you part with all of them especially after naming them, lol. Impossible to pick a favorite, but I'm leaning towards the beauty with the fabric covered drawers.

  2. You are so talented! Love the antique armoire with the surprise drawers! XO