Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Table for Four

An early morning Craigslist run, resulted in this find. We were too late to pick up the FREE buffet that had been advertised, but we stumbled upon this gem at a neighboring garage sale.

It wasn't in very good shape with its bad veneer and wobbly base, but it's such a classic style and a super sturdy number that when I looked it over for the third time I knew I just had to have it!

I painted it in old white and then french linen, distressed it thoroughly and then hit it with a dark Kona stain. To ensure it could stand a beating from any busy family, I gave it a couple coats of poly. 

 I like how well it pairs with these mismatched wood chairs.

The finish turned out really great, almost looks concrete. It's not, but it's as heavy as concrete!

 The distressing is really random but intentional.

 Look at that stocky base---and those scrolled feet!

 I picked up this cute pumpkin {and a bunch of other stuff} at TJ Max over my lunch break today. Sometimes I just need some retail therapy to get me through the day. This session only cost me $100! {you all do this too, right?}


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