Thursday, May 1, 2014

Creamy, Dreamy Desk Makeover

I just rescued this classic desk earlier this week. What's not to love about it?? It is solid wood, the drawers function like new, all the hardware was's a beautiful piece. The problem...someone had stained it so dark and covered it with so much varnish that you couldn't even see the wood grain.

It was suffocating under all those layers of yuck. Time for a makeover!

My inspiration came from a similar desk I saw on Pinterest a few months back. Someone had done their desk in a two tone, blue and cream body with a really dark stained top. I loved the look that I thought I would try something along that line. I opted to go with something a bit more neutral, ASCP Country Grey and Old White. The Country Grey is really a warm cream and it looks amazing with the Old White and the rich chocolate stained top.

Happy May Day!

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  1. It's a really beautiful piece. I love the white with the stained top. Have a lovely weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  2. Wonderful Job Crystal, I adore combo pieces with wood and paint. nice neutral color choices.

  3. I absolutely love this! I comb the local thrift and antique shops regularly but never find this kind of piece. Even on websites like Craig's List, furniture pieces like this are a rare find. I'm so jealous ... but in a good way. :) Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks Nancy--it's hard to find really great pieces, but the hunt is part of the fun:)