Monday, January 20, 2014

Dresser + Repurposed Nightstand Set

Sometimes what a piece once was just isn't practical for today's lifestyle. So was the case with this bedroom set. I decided to transform what was a large mirrored vanity into 2 amazing night stands that would offer much more versatility with this matching dresser.

The top of the dresser was a beautiful oak grain and in really nice condition considering the age of this piece. Consequently, I couldn't cover it up with paint, instead I gave it a quick sanding and refinished it in its natural tone. I think it would have looked great completely painted too, but sometimes you can have too much paint...wait, did I just say that! It's true, there is a fine line between what is perfect and what is too much. But the beauty here is that there are no rules and you can choose what is right for you and your decor.

Some of the detail on the legs shows some hairline cracks and some detailing is missing all together, but when the piece has a cohesive look something about those imperfections just adds more character to the set.

I struggled for weeks trying to decide on what color to paint these pieces and now that they are finished, I think I made the right choice.


Complete with original antique bronze hardware and wheels, all in perfect condition.

 Intentional distressing makes her look like she was just plucked out of storage.

 LOVE the detailing on the dresser and all the storage!

She is beautiful once again.

Here is the before picture of the vanity. If you look closely in the mirror you can see the reflection of the dresser too...just don't look too closely and judge me by all the clutter in the background:) I already have plans for repurposing the vanity mirror too, stay tuned for that project!

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