Friday, March 16, 2018

Onward and UPward: 2018

A memory popped up on our Facebook feed today to remind us that on this day last year, we opened our brick and mortar in Chaska. What a great year it was, but where on earth did the time go? Seems somewhat a blur, but man was it fun.

Here's what is going on in our world these days ...

When we closed the store for the holidays in mid December, we stumbled upon a cute house just two blocks up the street that had a retail space available to rent. From the minute we walked in, the space just felt 'right'. It was cozy, had great lighting and was so inviting. (And in all honesty, I had driven by the house for years and had always been smitten by vines that cover half the house---it's fabulous when it greens up.)

Faced with the decision to sign another lease at our current building or move up the street…we quickly decided to move. (wasn’t too hard of a decision, the new location would be located right next to the new bakery in town---hello fresh pastries and high powered coffee #sweettooth #caffeineordie)

We opened the doors at 416 N Chestnut St on February 15th. We'll continue to be an occasional store,  open only the third Thursday, Friday and Saturday each month, but plans are in also place to have more Pop-Up events throughout the year. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all those updates.

Paul and I want to sincerely thank you all for your continued support over the years. Everyone of you is so very important to UP's success and continued growth.

Onward and UPward!

Paul and Crystal

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