Thursday, September 17, 2015

Midweek Makeover: Mid Century Buffet

 Who can deny that we tend to gravitate to comfortable situations and familiar territories. It's so much easier in every way when you know what to expect. I know that is certainly the case for me most of the time. However, on occasion, I force myself to try something that is not in my wheelhouse...this Mid Century buffet was one of those projects.

It's really hard to articulate the frustrations that went into this project. Simply looking at the before and after pictures, you're probably thinking 'she's just being overly dramatic'...'how could this project have been that tough!' I should have captured some 'in progress pictures' so you could thoroughly enjoy the chaos!

But since I don't have detailed pictures to share, imagine if you can, two solid weeks of:

Paint a little bit
{notice poor paint coverage issues}
Stand back and critique
Apply a clear coat to seal the entire piece in hopes of better paint coverage
Paint some more
Critique some more
More coverage issues
{vow that I'm never taking on another mid century piece AS LONG AS I LIVE}
Contemplate throwing the buffet in the fire pit
{no that's wasteful, I'll put it out at the curb for some eager passerby}
Apply more sealer
Resolve to leave it sit for another day and assess the mess in the morning

This went on for TWO, LONG, FRUSTRATING weeks. I thought I would never get this nightmare out of the shop!

'How could one piece be so finicky and temperamental', I would mumble as I stomped through the shop. {I may have used some graphic language too, but I'll spare you those details}

And then it happened...I began to see the progress unfolding and I was actually starting to like what I was witnessing before my eyes. Who knew it was possible!

I can honestly say that I'm happy I stuck with this project and finished it up because it's quite the looker now!


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