Monday, November 3, 2014

Upcycled Reindeer

Halloween just ended and we are only a few days into November but UP is way into Christmas already!

I've been working on Christmas decorations a couple months now and trust me, it's been hard to refrain from bombarding you all with Christmas ideas along the way. But the time has come and I'm so excited to share our projects with you all!

Today's post is this handmade, upcycled reindeer. My husband is the mastermind behind this creation. He was determined to find all the appropriate junk to bring these deer to life. This little fella is made from old table legs, reclaimed barn boards, plasma cut ears/antlers/tail and some other repurposed metal for the eyes. Oh, how could I forget the red bottle cap for a nose.

{My role: I have no idea how to use a plasma cutter but I am skilled at picking out the perfect ribbon for the scarves! And of course, I get to do the photography and blog post.}

These deer stand at about 36" tall and no two are alike.

I bet he would love to greet your holiday guests, indoors or outdoors, all season long!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our latest craft.

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