Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Antique Dresser Refresh {Old Ochre}

I had some girlfriends over this weekend and we had more fun in 48 hours then most people have in months! Nothing refuels your soul more then good laughs with great friends. Even though we were up until the wee hours laughing and reminiscing, I was up way earlier then them in the morning! Ugh! Why is it that I just can't sleep in on the weekends? I'm pretty sure it's because once I start on a project I just can't stop thinking about it until it's finished. Enough of a sidetrack...

Well the upside to my weekend insomnia...I was able to finish this nice dresser while my friends were getting some beauty sleep. This cutie is finished in ASCP Old Ochre. I decided to just lightly sand and distress the entire piece and seal it with clear wax. I thought about adding some dark wax too but I really liked the fresh look it had as it was. Viola!

In addition to painting furniture, I make a ton of hand painted signs. This particular one is an old chippy door panel that I hand painted with one of my favorite sayings--super fun in a kitchen or family room.

Thanks for stopping by today! And don't forget to laugh, it's good for the SOUL!