Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flower Container Inspiration

I'm planning to finally get all my pots planted this weekend! It's been unseasonally cold in my neck of the woods so I'm a bit behind from past years.

I pulled some inspirational posts from DIY Network, Pinterest and also some containers I planted last year to get me motivated! You'll see everything from garbage cans to wash tubs, tool boxes to chicken feeders. The options are endless!

Enjoy + Happy Planting!

I love this idea, how easy would it be to move the containers with those awesome casters!

I really love the wheelbarrow and the tool box.

This log is amazing! I wish I had that in my yard:)

I plant a lot of the wash tubs and galvanized buckets too, they make great containers.

Planting boxes are probably one of my favorite things, you can always find boxes at garage sales, thrift shops etc. They are a really inexpensive container option.

Here are a few of my plantings from last spring, I plan on planting these same containers and a whole lot more. The most challenging part for me is selecting the color pallet--I'm thinking reds, oranges, and yellows. 

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  1. Love that mailbox with succulents. Thanks for linking up at the Outdoor Extravaganza. Featuring one of your projects on the blog today.