Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Three Drawer Night Stand-SOLD

I found this piece at the second hand store, but I thought a fresh coat of paint might bring her to life.

I sanded, painted, and layered a nice heavy coat of dark stain on it...and it was dreadful!! I mean really, it looked worse then when I picked it up! So I thought I'll try to sand it down and start over.  Holy cow, when I started sanding off the dark stain it started looking more distressed, more natural. It was awesome. I topped it off with a coat of furniture wax and 3 new drawer pulls and I love it! Not sure I can ever replicate the technique so it's truly one of a kind!



  1. I bought it Crystal!!! It looks fab in my guest bedroom...I couldn't pass it up!!


  2. That's great Aimee!! Glad you like it:)