Saturday, January 26, 2013

Old Door -- Converted Headboard

I have been seeing posts all over Pinterest lately of people making headboards out of old as luck would have it, I found this really nice solid door and brought her home and began repurposing.

I lightly sanded some of the high spots and then worked it over with a hammer and a few of my husband's welding tools. I picked up some crown molding and attached it to the top. The next step was tough because I needed to get the pine molding to match the depth and color of the old door. I grabbed a few different paints: red, brown, black. After applying several coats of each, I finally got the right look. Finally, I layered on a few coats of dark stain over then entire door and sealed it off with some satin poly.

I attached the headboard right to the bed frame with some screws, but you could just attach it right to the wall.


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